– This is a guest post by Tim Morley of Abbey Fitting Services Ltd.

9 things to be aware of when buying a stairlift

1. Make sure the price quoted covers supply and installation. Many quotes do not include installation and it’s too late once the deposit has been given.

2. Make sure the company are official agents for the particular Stairlift you have ordered. Otherwise they may not be trained in the correct installation methods or able to source genuine parts when needed.

3. Make sure that they have a local service engineer on call 24/7 and can respond to a break down within a reasonable time.

4. Find out about warranties and guarantees. There should be a minimum 12 month warranty on all parts and labour and service contracts are also available. A call out charge for a straight lift should not exceed €80 and a curved lift €120.

5. Make sure that the lift has back up batteries and is 24 volt dc powered.

6. The lift should have a led diagnostics display showing the status of the lift at all times. If a fault arises, it may then be possible to resolve it with a service engineer over the phone, saving the client the cost of an expensive call out.

7. It is important that the supplier will buy back the lift if and when the client no longer wants or needs it (most companies will offer a buy back facility).

8. The lead time for a straight lift should not be any longer than 4 days and under no circumstances should it require a large deposit. €200 should be the maximum.

9. As curved lifts are custom-made for those particular stairs a 50% deposit is normally required. Be careful when buying a second hand curved lift. The rail should be new as a cut and shut* rail from another lift is unsafe and will not be done by the manufacturer. The lead time for a curved lift should not usually be longer than 4 weeks.

* cut and shut means a second hand rail that is removed from a house on a buy back bases and is cut, bent and re-welded to suit another house. The seat unit may be ok but the rail is not genuine, safe or reliable.

– This is a guest post by Tim Morley of Abbey Fitting Services in Cork. Phone 021 – 4614221 or email [email protected]

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