The feeling of fatigue is one that leaves us feeling tired, aching and sluggish and is often brought on from intense exercise. But imagine feeling like this after only the simplest and minimalist tasks?
What Is ME / CFS?
For sufferers of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), this characterises the symptoms of their condition which brings about serious muscle pains and reduced mobility from carrying out minimal daily tasks. This can affect lifestyle, sleep patterns, physical and mental capabilities as well as have an impact on the lives of family and friends.
Commonalty known as ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis), which simply translates as ‘muscle pain’ and ‘inflammation of the brain and spinal cord’, the fatigue experienced often lasts for a minimum of 6 months and  is not a result of exertion and rest does not act as a relief. What’s more, it is not known what causes the illness and there are no links with any other medical conditions.
Development & Symptoms
The condition usually develops between a person’s early 20’s to mid-40’s and can affect children between their early teen years. As with many conditions, many people are not aware of a condition until it affects their lives – either as a sufferer or as a friend or relative.
Quality of life is affected across a spectrum of mild discomfort for sufferers to severe and significantly reduced mobility. Whilst there are no proven treatments for ME, there are ways that suffers can overcome their difficulties.
Psychological Recovery
Psychological Cognitive Behavioural Therapy has been used to help patients understand their symptoms and manage stress and anxiety levels. It allows both patients and those indirectly affected to help develop strategies that can help with everyday functioning and movement. It also helps the patient to begin to extinguish any perpetual thoughts that they have surrounding the illness, improving their state of mind, confidence and well-being.
Enhanced Mobility
The physical limitations that ME can induce range from the mild to the severe. Mobility specialist equipment and home enhancements can make life simpler for suffers. From wheelchairs and scooters, to specialist beds, showers and chairs, there are products out there designed to help reduce the pain that many patients can experience as well enhance their quality of life. With grants and government funding available, acquiring the expertise of a specialist mobility supplier will help you make the requirement enhancements.
With any condition, it is about recognising that you are not alone. In the UK, approximately 250,000 people are diagnosed with CFS but still many people are not aware of the symptoms, treatments and struggles of the illness.
Around the world, May 12th is recognised as International ME/CFS Awareness Day and is gauged to help improve people’s awareness of the condition. There are a number of associations, organisations and groups that help sufferers can meet other sufferers, make new friends and taking part in activities that can help them to come to terms with their illness, whatever its severity, and recognise that they can still lead a fulfilling life.
Phil Warrington, a medical student, looks at the affects of ME / CFS on both the sufferer and those indirectly affected by the condition highlighting the treatments and enhancements that can help improve the quality of life. For mobility enhancements, he recommends Genie Care; leading mobility specialists who offer a range of products to help those suffering from a disability or reduced mobility.

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