3 Benefits of Resistance Training for Older Adults

Image by Jessa9Resistance training generally describes exercise which involves using the muscular system to create force in opposition to ...

Resistance training generally describes exercise which involves using the muscular system to create force in opposition to a given resistance. In simpler terms, you’re using muscular strength and/or endurance to move or attempt to move something. The type of resistance will vary, from machine weights, to free weights, to cables, to bodyweight etc.

For older adults, it is especially important to engage in some activity which stimulates muscle and bone growth. Weight bearing activities such as walking are good, but a full body weight training routine will help to ensure that you maintain bone density and strength throughout the body and not just in the lower half.
There are many reasons for older adults to lift weights. Here is a list of a few of the most notable ones:
1. Regular resistance training will make you stronger
Lifting weights stimulates muscle growth by causing very small tears in the muscle. Once healed, the muscle fibres become stronger and thicker. This makes lifting heavier weights and general day-to-day activities such as carrying groceries much easier.
2. Resistance training will cause an increase in bone density
This is particularly relevant to anyone who suffers from bone-related conditions such as osteoporosis. Even if you do not fall into this category, it would be wise to start a regular resistance training program to help prevent the loss of bone mass as you get older.
3. Resistance training will help you to maintain a healthy body composition
By this I mean that with the right program you will be able to keep body fat within a healthy range and have a good amount of lean muscle tissue. This muscle tissue will help to keep your metabolism speedy and help prevent excess weight gain.
These are just a handful of reasons why you should be engaging in a regular weight training program. I would advise doing so two to three times per week, using workouts which engage all of the major muscle groups in your body. These types of workouts will stimulate a greater amount of muscle tissue and elicit a much greater response from your muscle building and fat burning hormones – burning more calories of fat and building more lean muscle.
Before starting any fitness program, I would recommend that you consult with your physician first. Once cleared, seeking the advice of a certified personal trainer is the next step.
Niall Ebbs is a personal trainer and fitness coach from Dublin, currently residing in Minnesota. He aims to filter the jewels from the junk and teach you the best and most time-efficient methods of achieving your own personal health goals. Visit his site today: www.niallebbsfitness.com

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