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Skype is a great online application that allows you to chat with your friends. Skype lets you make free calls to any other Skype user from your computer.

It has over 29 million registered users worldwide, with an average of two million using the service any at given time.

The application is downloadable free from the official Skype website.

Skype is a great alternative to exorbitant long-distance charges on landlines and mobile phones. It is also very easy to set up and use. All you need is a computer and headset, and you are ready to go.

Downloading and Installing Skype

1. Go to and download the application to your computer.
Install Skype

Note: The software is installed under the Program Files folder in a directory called Skype.

2. Click on the Skype Setup icon that is on your desktop. A Setup wizard then appears. A warning window appears asking if you want to Run or Save this file: SkypeSetup.exe. Click “Run.”

If a further confirmation message appears, asking if you are sure you want to run this software, click “Run” again.

3. Follow the instructions on the wizard to complete the installation. At the end of the installation, you will be asked to set up a Skype account.

4. A window will appear and you will see a link with the following: “Don’t have a Skype name?”

Click on this link, and it opens up another “Skype – Create a New Account” window, where you create your Skype name and password.

Skype Create account

* Make note of your Skype name and password, as you will need them every time you use the application.

Adding Contacts

1. Login to your new account. You will be taken to a “Welcome” screen. Click the “Find Your Friends” button. Search for contacts from your email address book.

2. Select an address book (e.g. Gmail, Outlook) and type in your user name and password. Skype will search for contacts in this account. If you want to add an individual user, enter their Skype name or email in the “Find an Individual” space.

3. Click “Find Contact.” Skype will populate a list of all the matching results. Select the one that you think is your contact, and click “Add Contact.”

4. Click “Send.” Before you can start communicating with anyone, they have to add you as a contact.

Start Chatting!

1. Double-click on a contact in your list to open a chat window. You can now chat back and forth.

2. Click on the “Call” button next to your contact’s name to make a call.

3. If you have a webcam, click on the green button with a camera symbol, located next to the call button, for a video-chat. Your contact may not be able to see you if they are using Skype from a mobile device. Similarly, you may not see your contact if they don’t have a webcam installed.

Skype is an excellent application and has changed the landscape of online communication. Whether you use it to stay in touch with loved ones, for conference calls, or for business support, it is well worth it.

Happy Skyping! 🙂

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