Travelling can be a truly exotic experience and act as a great stress buster for people of all ages. There are no age limits to travel. As many grow older they develop a passion to explore the world, retreat back and bask in the glory of retirement. While the perks of travelling cannot be denied, older people should ensure that they are taking into account all aspects of the journey to make it a successful one. Follow these simple practical tips to add the element of security and to be prepared beforehand in case of an emergency.

1. Plan, plan and plan

Plan before and ahead of time. As much as you love travelling, at this stage of your life you need to understand the complications that may result. Hence, you cannot leave any stone unturned in pre-planning and post-planning for your trip, from travel to accommodation to emergency situations.

  • Pick the destination wisely: you need to keep in mind the state of your health and nobody knows it better than you. Change in routines and climatic conditions can have undesirable effects on your health, which you might regret later while on the journey. Stick to your eating habits and don’t deviate from what you are mentally and physically used to.
  • Delegate different tasks: identify your limitations and make your work easy by delegating different tasks to your family members. One of you can make the travel reservations, one can book the hotel rooms and with effective coordination you can plan all aspects of your trip. Sit back and relax and pack to embark on your journey!
  • Avoid connecting flights: your convenience is an integral part of planning and when you have the option so why not plan accordingly. Book a non-stop flight to minimize the chances of missing the next connecting flight and the hassle of changing the flights. Even if it incurs a higher fare, it’ll be worth the convenience you get in return.

2. Undergo a health checkup before travel

Do not underestimate even the slightest factor that may affect your health in any manner. All travellers especially senior citizens should take all the necessary precautions and carry out the background checks necessary to undertake the journey. You might be sensitive to the changing air pressure or altitude. The form of transport that you opt for might not suit you. If you are travelling to a tropical country you might want to avoid regular water and opt for bottled water to avoid water-borne diseases.

Furthermore you should have medical history record on you, identifying any pre-existing diseases or age related problems that might need senior care services, so that you are assisted with personnel to help you on your journey. You need to take your medications on time and travel stress-free.

3. Carrying medical supplies is a must

Travelling inevitably entails carrying adequate medication for everyone. However, older people need to be extra careful in this regard as they are more prone and susceptible to air or water borne diseases and might already be facing health issues which cannot be left attended at any cost. Disease specific medicines along with general purpose medicines are a ’must-have’ on your journey. Hand sanitizers and a first aid kit may prove really helpful too.

4. Use technology on the go

Having a mobile phone on you is a great blessing. They can serve as tracking devices and facilitate you in ways that will make you feel at ease. Staying connected is the best way to tell you family that you are safe and can provide you instant guidance and travel tips in case you face any hardships while travelling, Avoid apprehension and undertake your journey to make the most of your trip. Install apps such as exchange rates, travel and tour guides and the like.

5. Take it easy

As much as you might be excited for the trip it is important not to get too carried away. Strike a balance between recreation and rest. Plan your travel schedule in a way such that it doesn’t take a toll on your physical and mental health. Pre-define your limitations and boundaries and avoid hectic adventures lest you become so drained that you are unable to enjoy the rest of the trip.

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