As the New Year draws near, so do new adventures! When silly season draws to a close, the holiday catalogues come out as people all over Ireland decide where they would like to go in the coming months.

As many of you may know, travel insurance when we get into our golden years can be a bit tricky. Some consider it more hassle than it’s worth, however the peace of mind knowing you’re covering yourself when away is priceless.

1. Over 65’s
The maximum trip duration allowed for any one trip on an Annual Multi Trip policy normally reduces over a certain age, usually the 65 mark.
If you are approaching this age and want to cover yourself, best do it sooner than later! Insurance premium rates normally increase for a person over this age, so always allocate your budget to suit accordingly!
There are some covers such as Winter Sports cover that aren’t available for anyone over 65. Personal Accident cover may also be unavailable or reduced for those over 65.
2. Medical Conditions
If you have a ‘medical condition’ or take medication and you require cover for same, you should contact your insurer’s Medical Screening Line to declare the condition/medication. Otherwise you may find yourself without cover should the need to cancel your trip or visit a doctor overseas due to this ailment arise.
It could result in an additional premium being charged on top of the price quoted for the standard cover. This may be necessary to provide cover for any specific ailment.
3. Keep Travel Costs Down
• Buy online. It’s the only option for some good deals.

• Consider an Annual Multi Trip policy. If you go abroad more than twice a year, it’s likely to be cheaper than Single Trip policies.

• Get a European Health Insurance Card ( or It’s no substitute for insurance but it costs nothing to obtain, entitles you to free or reduced-cost state medical treatment in many European countries.

These guidelines are provided by Travel Insurance

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