The Department of Social and Family Affairs administers a group of allowances to which many people over 66 years are entitled. These are known as the Household Benefits Package or the free schemes.

Below is a list of the Household Benefits Package and the other main entitlements for older people:

The Household Benefits Package

You qualify for the Household Benefits Package if you are aged 70 or over. 

       Allowance 1

  • The Electricity Allowance or
  • Natural Gas Allowance or
  • Cash Electricity Allowance or
  • Cash Gas Allowance

      Allowance 2

  • The Free Television Licence

– For full details of the package, click here:

Telephone Support Allowance – The Telephone Support Allowance (TSA) is an extra weekly payment for people on certain social welfare payments who are also getting both the Living Alone Increase and the Fuel Allowance. Click HERE for details.

National Fuel Scheme – A Fuel Allowance is paid to people who are dependent on long-term social welfare payments and who are unable to provide for their own heating needs. Click HERE for details.

Medical Card – This is a means tested benefit, unless you automatically qualify. Click HERE for details.

Free Travel – offered to all Irish residents, aged 66 or over. Click HERE for details.

Carers Allowance and Carers Benefit – if a person is receiving full-time care, their carer may qualify for a Carer’s Allowance or Carer’s Benefit. Carer’s Allowance is a means-tested payment, whereas Carer’s Benefit is based on PRSI contributions. Read more HERE and HERE.

Treatment Benefit Scheme – The Treatment Benefit Scheme is run by the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection (DEASP) and provides dental, optical and aural services to qualified people. Click HERE for details.

Living Alone Allowance – offered to social welfare pensioners living alone and 66 years or over. It is also available to people under age 66 who are receiving allowances such as disability allowance and who live alone. Click HERE for details.

Supplementary Welfare Allowance – Basic Supplementary Welfare Allowance is a weekly allowance paid to people who do not have enough income to meet their needs and those of their families. Click HERE for details.

– For more detailed information on all of the above entitlements, visit the Citizens Information website:

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