The Best Mobile Phones for Older People

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Technological advances often leave older generations behind, progressing on the assumption of existing technical skills and planned obsolescence of software.

Mobile phones have become essential communication tools, but the dizzying array of available options can confuse even the most enthusiastic tech lover. However, there are products that cater specifically to older people and those with hearing and vision impairments.

We did some research, and found the following phones available for purchase in Ireland. We hope this will help your search for a simple phone for yourself or a loved one.

1. Doro Easy Phones

Doro have created a range of big button, easy to use mobile phones. You can view their range here:

Where to find them

Tesco Mobile sell the Doro 6520:

Three sell the Doro 6520:

Carphone Warehouse sell the Doro 6520:

Vodafone sell the Doro 7060:

NCBI sell several Doro phones. You can see their selection here:

2. Big Button Pay as You Go Phones

Acatel have several big button, simple phones with long last battery life.

3. Starter Smartphones

Best Mobile Phones for Older People (2020)

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  1. I am glad that you have published this article. It will surely help the elders who are looking for mobile phones.

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